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We realize the troubles that a non-working drying machine can cause.

Air-drying clothes is simply not an option and not everyone has the ability or weather in their favor to dry their clothes outside. However, laundry always needs to get done and a dryer that doesn't work definitely gets in the way. Save yourself on the coin-op machines and hire a Yorba Linda dryer repair company to get your dryer working again.

We believe that our services are unmatched when it comes to dryer repair in Yorba Linda CA. We have a team of licensed repair technicians with extensive experience in the appliance repair. It's hard not to brag with such a rich list of happy clients in the Yorba Linda CA area, with many of which hired us for their dryer repair needs. We are truly confident that you will be satisfied to choose us if you are in need of a dryer repair in Yorba Linda CA.

So how do we work?

We keep things simple. You call us, we schedule an appointment for the soonest time that fits your schedule. A licensed technician visits your home in the Yorba Linda CA area and figures out what's wrong with your dryer. A solution is determined and a written estimate is made to reflect that plan. This estimate will include the cost of labor and dryer parts, if applicable. We have quick access to all makes and types of dryer parts in Yorba Linda CA and we estimate our charges for labor and dryer parts based on the values found in the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide.

If you hire us, we will waive the service call fee and provide $10 off on your dryer repair.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Does your dryer maker weird noises? Are they squeaky or does it sound like a grinding noise? If so, you may want to examine the parts responsible for drum support. This includes the rollers, which hold the drum in place, felt padding, which prevents friction, and a single ball bearing, which sits in a nylon cradle. Find out where these are located in your dryer. Some models have slightly different drum support parts. If there is excessive wear and tear on any part that is between the drum and nearby components, replace it and see if the noise goes away.


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